Prohibited Items

The Free Auction places certain restrictions on the types of items and services offered for sale and the types of listings posted to the site. Please review the following list of items, services and listing types that may not be listed and, upon discovery, will be removed at our sole discretion.

Items and Services

  • Items and services that infringe on another party's copyright, patent, license, trademark or other proprietary right, including rights of publicity and privacy or where the offering of such items and services is prohibited by law.
  • Any item that is illegal to sell under any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation.
  • Items to which a false or illegal description is applied.
  • Stolen or illegally imported goods.
  • Adult Items that depict, simulate, display, offer or describe in textual or visual depiction all manner of sexual acts, genitalia, pornography, erotica, child pornography, sexual toys and related accessories, links to Adult Only websites, Adult Only domain names for sale, or any item that would fall under the category of Adult Only.
  • All Firearms, Military weapons, Explosives and ammunition.
  • All Fireworks, pyrotechnics, and explosives.
  • Alcoholic beverages for consumption.
  • Drugs, drug paraphernalia, narcotics, prescription medication.
  • Human body parts, remains, fluids.
  • Live or stuffed animals, pets, livestock or animal body parts, skins, pelts.
  • Clothing advertised as used, dirty, soiled, or unwashed.
  • Any device or component used to illegally acquire the use of a utility or service, i.e., TV Descramblers.
  • Bulk e-mail lists.
  • Lottery tickets, raffle tickets or raffle auctions.
  • Multi-level marketing schemes(MLM) or Pyramid schemes.
  • Stock, bonds, or securities of live or existing companies.
  • Books, Manuals, Software, or literature promoting violence or containing hate literature.
  • Books, Manuals, Software, or literature that provide instructions on how to perform or engage in any form of illegal activity.
  • Items and Services which, in The Free Auction's sole discretion, are objectionable or otherwise inconsistent with our terms of use.

Listing Types

  • Listings that are wholly or mainly intended to divert buyers away from the listings themselves.
  • Listings with links to another website where you are offering the same item for sale at a value lower than your stated opening price.
  • Listings that sell low-valued items ($0.01 - $5.00) advertising non-The Free Auction's sales.
  • Listings that require bidders to purchase additional items or services.
  • Listings that require bidders to participate in raffles or lotteries.
  • Listings that charge excessive shipping and handling fees to winning bidders.
  • Listing Types which, in The Free Auction's sole discretion, are objectionable or otherwise inconsistent with our terms of use.