How Feedback Works

Buyers: checking a seller's Feedback Profile before you make a bid is one of the smartest and safest moves you can make. This Feedback Profile answers many questions about how a seller does business. Is she highly recommended by other buyers? Does he sell quality merchandise? 

Sellers: reviewing Feedback Profiles can be helpful, too. Find out if a buyer is known as a great customer who provides fast payment. Or you can also see what bidders are looking for in a good seller. 

By exercising good business practices, you will earn positive testimonials within The Free Auction community. The more positive feedback you receive, the better your reputation becomes! 

How does it work?

Every time you are the winning bidder or seller in an auction, you can give feedback to your trading partner. These comments can be positive, negative, or neutral, depending on your experience. After an auction closes, the buyer and seller have 30 days to leave feedback on each other. All feedback that The Free Auction members receive is kept in their Feedback Profile. To view your Feedback Profile, log in and go to your user area labeled "Feedback".  To leave feedback for someone you had a transaction with, go to your users area. 

Next to a member's User ID, you will always find a number in parentheses ( ). This number is his or her Feedback Rating. For example: Billy(87) means that a member's User ID is Billy and that they have received a balance of 87 feedback comments from other The Free Auction members. You can click on this number and view their feedback profile. 

The Feedback Rating system is easy. You receive: 

  •       +1 point for each positive comment 
  •         0 points for each neutral comment 
  •        -1 point for each negative comment 

  •         A red star for 10 to 50 points. 
  •         A green star for 51 to 100 points. 
  •         A yellow star for 101 to 500 points. 

You can leave multiple comments in someone's Feedback Profile, but they'll only count once. This makes the system fair. No one person can "tip the scales" in either feedback direction, positive or negative.